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Indicative of its excellent auto repair services, the R&R MotorSports excels in racing too. With more wins in its specific class within the last 5 years than any other racing team, R&R MotorSports dominates the races in which it participates.

Since its first win in the 1998 Southest Division Invitational Challenge (SIC) run-offs, the R&R MotorSports racing team has continued to record successful racing seasons. Car number 99 - a 1984 Mazda RX7 - is recognized as a winner throughout the Southest Division's "Improved Touring" racing class.

If you would like to promote your business by having others see your business name on a winning car then you are invited to contact us about sponsorship details.

 A Winning Team

Participating in a race is one thing - repeatedly winning races requires a degree of expertise. The R&R MotorSports racing team wins races - lots of them.

The www.seDivRacing.org website exhibits the Southeast Division's racing statistics. Here are some highlights of the R&R MotorSports' racing prowess.

Year Total Wins/
Total Races
2000 9 / 11 Won Champ.
2001 11 / 12 Won Champ.
2002 8 / 10 Won Champ.
2003 11 / 12 3rd Place
2004 8 / 11 Won Champ.
2005 12 / 16 Won Champ.
2006 6 / 10 2nd Place
2007 7 / 7 Won Champ.
2008 11 / 11 Won Champ.